Cultivating an enriched community of hydrogen believers, Let’s Clear the Air is a platform fully dedicated to encouraging the creation and use of a hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure to help power a sustainable future. We believe that by promoting the benefits of hydrogen and other efficient energy sources, we can reach an understanding and join forces to improve the health, environment, and economy of the world for generations to come.
Each day, drivers all over the world are standing up and saying yes to lower emissions, yes to our planet, and yes to our future. This community driven campaign will clear the air– bringing end users a platform to interact and engage with others wanting a more sustainable future and contribute to the movement of hydrogen fueling worldwide.
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Leveling the Playing Field for Sustainable & Renewable Power

Wind and solar power use inherently renewed sources- wind and sunlight- to create energy in the form of an electrical current. But how is this energy stored? For communities and homes, it runs through a power grid of wires and transistors, but if you’re not using it, it goes to waste. The electrical current created from wind and solar power can charge a battery, which is a form of storage, but it’s inefficient in the long term; over time rechargeable batteries lose their ability to sustain a charge. And because they’re made from rare earth metals, lithium-ion batteries cannot be considered a sustainable method of storing renewable energy.


So if not batteries, what can we use to sustainably store wind and solar power?
The answer is hydrogen and the process used to store energy in hydrogen is called electrolysis.

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A Cleaner Way to Power Our Vehicles & Lives

Over the last few decades, significant strides have been made to create a sustainable infrastructure for powering our vehicles and communities. Three major steps have been taken and will continue to serve as the answer to sustainable mobility.


Explore and Embrace Renewable Energy

Research over how hydrogen and other sustainable energy solutions to determine their advantages and how they fit into a framework for a sustainably powered world have been underway for decades. There are plenty of resources available to understand and learn about clean, renewable energy. And the first step is educating yourself on solutions to one of the greatest challenges we face: how we will continue powering our world for millennia to come.


Create an Infrastructure

Expanding the number of renewable hydrogen sources and establishing more hydrogen fueling stations will offer consumers the opportunity to ensure their actions contribute to a cleaner planet. By creating the necessary infrastructure, we can help connect and build communities to each other and provide a sustainable energy solution for generations to come.


Advocate for Cleaner, Renewable Solutions

As more governments, businesses, and organizations contribute to the cause, sustainable resources will become a standard part of how we power our world. It all starts when citizens like you let the world know you support these efforts and believe we can change the world for the better. You deserve the right to a clean and renewable future, and it can all start with hydrogen.